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Dr. Harri Geiger

Assistent für Mineralogie und Petrologiegeiger-full

Institut für Geo- und Umweltnaturwissenschaften                                                       
Mineralogie - Petrologie
Albertstraße 23b 
79104 Freiburg

Fon:  0761 / 203 6416 direkt
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E-Mail: harri.geiger@minpet.uni-freiburg.de

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  • 2019 Ph.D. in Geochemistry and Petrology, Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden 
    Thesis: Trans-crustal magma storage in contrasting tectonic settings.
  • 2014 M.Sc. Geology, Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden
    Thesis: Characterising the magma supply system of Agung and Batur volcanoes on Bali, Indonesia. 
  • 2011 B.Sc. in Earth and Space Sciences, Jacobs University Bremen, Bremen, Germany 
    Thesis: Seasonal variation of the rare earth element concentration in the acidic Bullensee lakes in Lower Saxony and the impact of colloid particles on the removal of humic acids and iron. 
  • 2011 B.Sc. in Electrical and Computer Engineering, Jacobs University Bremen, Bremen, Germany 
    Thesis: Smart and efficient Energy Storage in Megacities. 

Research interests

My research interests lie broadly in the field of geochemistry and petrology with particular emphasis on isotope and elemental microanalysis. Currently my research focuses on the characterization of magmatic systems, from magma generation and source processes to magma transport, evolution, and eruptive behaviour. In short, my research aims at advancing our understanding of magmatic systems from their roots to the surface. In this context, I am applying a combination of different methods including traditional petrology and petrography, mineral (-melt) thermobarometric modelling, and isotopic analytical techniques. My study areas currently include Cameroon, the Canary Islands, Iceland, Indonesia, Ireland, and the Andes.

Awards, stipends, and grants 

  • 2018: Scientific Reports Top 100 Read Articles 2018 (for Geiger et al. 2018, #10 out of 100)
  • Geoscience 2017 stipend, Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences (KVA), Stockholm, Sweden.
  • “Liljewalchs travel scholarship”, Stipendienheten, Uppsala University.
  • “Otterborg stipend”, Geological Section, Uppsala University, Sweden.
  • “Jänes travel scholarship”, Stipendienheten, Uppsala University, Sweden.
  • Mourne Cooley Gullion Bursary Grant 2015, Northern Ireland.

Teaching / Courses

      If you are looking for a Bachelor's or Master's project please feel free to contact me.



  • since 2020: assistant/post doc at the Institute of Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of Freiburg, Germany


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