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My research interests include field, experimental and modeling approaches to magmatic, metamorphic and hydrothermal systems, fluid-rock interactions combined with physical chemistry, thermodynamics and numerical modeling. I conduct experimental studies of solid-melt-fluid equilibria at high pressures, develop thermodynamic equations of state for multicomponent fluids, and use phase equilibrium and thermodynamic models to apply these results to natural systems. My studies are applicable to differentiation of magmas in the lithosphere, origin of ore deposits and reaction fluid flow as well as to geothermal and sequestration systems.

Kinetics of magma crystallization: origin of igneous texturesDD Kinetics of magma crystallization

Magma differentiation by crystal fractionation is the fundamental mechanisms producing chemical diversity of the Earth’s oceanic and continental crust, and of all igneous bodies. The processes, which involve crystal nucleation and growth, crystal-melt mechanical interactions, dictate rheology of magma suspensions and hence control efficiency of the magmatic differentiation ... read more

Experimental studies of magmatic-hydrothermal transitionDD Experimental studies of magmatic

Volatile-rich, highly evolved silicic magmas are frequent sources of economic mineralization
(Cu, Mo, Sn, W, Nb, Ta). Concentration of these components in evolving magmas and their
partitioning and sequestration into hydrothermal fluids are the principal controls on the formation
and grade of resulting ore deposits... read more

Fluid-rock interaction and spatial-temporal reconstruction DD Fluid-rock interactionof hydrothermal systems

Aqueous fluids are important and widespread mass-transfer agents in the Earth’s crust and mantle, and large quantities of fluids are released from compacting sedimentary basins, metamorphic complexes, cooling magmabodies and degassing volcanic chambers. Large mobility of aqueous fluids induces disequilibrium interactions leading to formation of economic mineral deposits or used in artificial sequestration systems ... read more

Thermodynamics of aqueous fluidsDD Experimental studies of magmatic

Interpretation and modeling of reactive flow in hydrothermal, geothermal or sequestration systems requires thermodynamic data for aqueous solutes, which are currently limited to properties at infinite dilution in aqueous liquids and cannot be extrapolated to low pressures (low-density vapors, boiling hydrothermal systems) or high pressures (high-density fluids and their supercritical transition to hydrous melts in the deep lithosphere) ... read more

Mineral equilibria and geodynamics of high-pressure rocks

 High-grade metamorphic rocks, in particular eclogites and granulites, provide important information about burial, de/relamination and exhumation processes in continental orogenic belts. Metamorphism to high temperatures is associated with substantial or complete devolatilization and frequently with melt formation. Release or retention of these media exerts fundamental control on formation and preservation of peak mineral assemblages... read more

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