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Mineralogie - Petrologie 

Albertstraße 23b   

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High-pressure experimental laboratory

Albertstr. 23b (main building), basement, room 00 025
Contact: Dr. Dominic Wölki, Tel. 0761 203 6388, E-Mail: dominic.woelki(at)minpet.uni-freiburg.de

The high-pressure experimental laboratory is designed to reproduce magmatic, metamorphic and hydrothermal conditions in the Earth's interior. It hosts stainless steel reactors for fluid-rock interaction, cold-seal pressure vessels (to 800 °C and 400 MPa) and a Johannes-type piston cylinder apparatus (to 1500 °C and 0.5-2.0 GPa). These instruments are used for studies of crystal-melt-fluid phase equilibria, element partitioning, crystallization kinetics and mineral solubilities in aqueous fluids.

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