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Research Mineralogy & Petrology

Division of Mineralogy and Petrology performs diverse research projects in the field of basic research (magmatic and metamorphic petrology, mineral deposits) as well as in applied domain (fluid-rock interaction, aqueous geochemistry, raw and building materials).

Metamorphic Processes and Earth’s Interior

Magmatic Processes and Mineral Resources

  • Crystallization kinetics and origin of textures in igneous rocks (David Dolejs)
  • Geochemistry and geochronology of volcanic products (Jörg Keller)
  • Experimental petrology of magmatic-hydrothermal transition (David Dolejs)
  • Magmatic and hydrothermal evolution of evolved granitic systems (Charlotte Redler)
  • Platinum-group element mineralization in ultramafic-mafic systems (Malte Junge)
  • Alteration processes in granite-related greisen and skarn systems (David Dolejs)

Fluid-Rock Interaction and Aqueous Geochemistry

  • Internal dynamics of ore-forming hydrothermal systems (David Dolejs)
  • Theoretical thermodynamics of aqueous species (David Dolejs)
  • Experimental geochemistry of fluid-rock interaction (Kurt Bucher)
  • Formation of banded iron formations in Archean (Raul Martinez)
  • Origin and chemical evolution of thermal, mineral and ground water in Oberrheingraben (Kurt Bucher)
  • Active hydrothermal systems of the oceanic floor (Malte Junge)
  • Biogeochemistry of mineral-water interface (Raul Martinez)

Applied and Technical Mineralogy


The Mineralogy & Petrology Group is part of the Institute of Earth and Environmental Sciences. It operates diverse analytical and experimental facilities that are open for collaboration or external service.

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