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Master course offered  in winter semester.

This course covers both high and low temperature geochemical processes.

Instructor: Prof. Wolfgang Siebel

Course format: 4 hr lecture

Course syllabus

  • Magmatic processes associated with plate boundary environments (mid-ocean ridges and subduction zones) and within plate regions (ocean islands and volcanic plateaus).
  • Geochemical and isotopic composition of  different mantle reservoirs
  • Magmatic and tectonic processes along subduction zones
  • Fundamental processes leading to the characteristic geochemical features of the continental crust and the different mantle reservoirs.
  • Basic oceanographic principles operating in the marine realm, ocean basin bathymetry, t
  • Chemical properties of seawater, trace elements and isotopes and their distribution in the water column,
  • Marine carbon cycle, ocean circulation, hydrothermal processes and life on the sea floor,
  • Formation and distribution of marine sediments and marine mineral resources
  • Environmental issues


Course materials are provided in the online university system (ILIAS).

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