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Ore-forming processes

Master course offered annually in the summer semester

This course is devoted to processes of metal distribution, transport and enrichment in Earth's lithosphere. We use process-oriented approach from mantle-derived mafic magmas and their metal budget through silicic magmas, their volatiles, exsolution and fractionation of metals towards a large group of hydrothermal processes and fluid-rock interaction. The course concludes with fluids generated during crustal metamorphism and in sedimentary basins, and ore-forming processes in near-surface environments (weathering and supergene mobility).

Instructors: Prof. David Dolejš, Dr. Harri Geiger

Course contents

  • Introduction to ore deposits: types and processes
  • Metals and sulfur in ultramafic and mafic systems
  • Sulfide and oxide ore assemblages
  • Magmatic fluid phase
  • Mineral equilibria in hydrothermal fluids
  • Hydrothermal transport of metals
  • Thermodynamic models of reactive fluid flow
  • Alteration geochemistry
  • Fluid flow in the Earth's crust
  • Metamorphic and sedimentary ore-forming fluids
  • Supergene processes
  • Surface processes
  • Metamorphism of ore deposits


Course materials are available in the university e-learning system (ILIAS)

Recommended reading

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  • Richards J.P., Larson P.B. (eds., 1998): Techniques in Hydrothermal Ore Deposits Geology. Reviews in Economic Geology 10, 256 p.
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