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Experimental studies of magmatic-hydrothermal transition

DD Experimental studies of magmatic

Volatile-rich, highly evolved silicic magmas are frequent sources of economic mine-
ralization (Cu, Mo, Sn, W, Nb, Ta). Concentration of these components in evolving magmas and their partitioning and sequestration into hydrothermal fluids are the principal controls on the formation and
grade of resulting ore deposits. Various aspects of the magmatic-hydrothermal transition remain poorly understood: properties and volatile solubility in highly evolved, residual melts, redox changes during fluid release, or ligand controls on metal solubility. We perform phase equilibrium experiments with haplogranitic systems with volatile components such as fluorine to elucidate stability of crystallizing minerals, differentiation paths of residual melts, and the mechanisms of liquid-liquid immiscibility
or fluid exsolution. 

Collaborators: Andreas Audétat (Bayreuth)

Representative publications: Dolejš & Baker (200420062007a,b), Zhang et al. (2012)Sun et al. (2014), Dolejš & Zajacz (2017)

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