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Master theses: Available topics

The Division of Mineralogy and Petrology offers variety of topics for master theses. Interested students can choose from field-oriented, analytical or computer modeling topics. Candidates interested in a specific topic should contact the prospective supervisor directly by email. Thesis instructions are available here.

Field and analytical studies

  • Melt productivity and separation in anatectic rocks, central Schwarzwald. – Supervisor: David Dolejs
  • Dehydration and partial melting recorded by granulites (Schwarzwald, Vogesen). – Supervisor: David Dolejs
  • Drill core Henkenberg, Kaiserstuhl - petrologic investigations. – Supervisor: Hiltrud Müller-Sigmund

Computer modeling

  • Fluid-rock interaction at elevated temperatures and pressures: case examples with the GEMS software. – Supervisor: David Dolejs
  • Thermodynamic optimization algorithm for mineral-fluid equilibria. – Supervisor: David Dolejs
  • Development of alteration norm for mineral exploration and ore targeting. – Supervisor: David Dolejs
  • Quantitative evaluation and characterization of rock texture. – Supervisor: David Dolejs

Geological mapping

  • Petrographic and structural relationships of leptinites, granulites and anatexites, Nordschwarzwald. – Supervisor: David Dolejs

Recent master theses in mineralogy and petrology

  • Painter Brian (2017): 'n.n.' Betreuer: V. May, Korreferat: David Dolejs
  • Grimm Florian (2017): Chemistry and origin of garnet in metamorphic rocks in Val Strona die Omegna (Ivrea Zone). Betreuer: Charlotte Redler, Korreferat: David Dolejs.
  • Skukan Stephen (2017): 'n.n.' Betreuer: C. Rambeau, Korreferat: David Dolejs
  • Lauer Anna (2017): Fluid-rock interaction in metabasic rocks: case examples from the Western Alps. Betreuer: David Dolejs, Korreferat: Charlotte Redler.
  • Fredrik Alexander (2017): Migmatites, Todtnauberg-Titisee. Betreuer: David Dolejs, Korreferat: Charlotte Redler
  • Reeder Corinna (2017): Serpentinites, Val Malenco. Betreuer: Hiltrud Müller-Sigmund, Korreferat: Wolfgang Siebel
  • Gerlitzki Melissa (2016): Carbonatites, Kaiserstuhl KB-2. Betreuer: David Dolejs, Korreferat: Wolfgang Siebel
  • Ring Max (2016): Development of a test facility for the examination of borehole heat exchanger grouting processes in boreholes with vertical ground water movements. Betreuer: Ingrid Stober, Korreferat: Kurt Bucher
  • Dian Charlotte (2015): The effect of rare earth elements (REE) on rice plant growth. Betreuer: Raul Martinez, Korreferat: Frank Preusser
  • Rudolf Michael (2014): Structural and petrological investigation in the quarry Weichberg, Böllstein Odenwald. Betreuer: Eckardt Stein, Korreferat: Hiltrud Müller-Sigmund


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