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Analytical methods 1 (WS1)

Laboratory exercise for the 1st semester M.Sc.Geology, compulsory  for focus area "Geomaterials and Processes" and MSc Sustainable Materials (focus area "Crystalline Materials").

This course gives an insight into the theory, applications, and operation of modern instrumental methods for chemical and physical analyses in earth and materials sciences. Students are introduced to a spectrum of instrumental techniques, which are standard in research as well as in industry, and gain an understanding of the analytical approach to problem solving and data evaluation. To the extent feasible, students get hands-on experience with the machinery in the course of lab exercises, concentrating on concrete small analytical projects adopted to their special interest.

Lecturer: Dr. Mesut Aygül (V,P), Prof. Dr. Michael Fiederle (V,P) , technical staff (P)
Course format: 4 hrs lecture (starting in December), 2 weeks practical sessions (after winter term)


  • Scanning electron microscopy SEM, energy dispersive spectrometry EDS, and electron backscatter diffraction EBSD
  • Electron microprobe analysis with wavelength dispersive spectrometry, mineral formula calculation
  • X-ray fluorescence analysis XRF and loss on ignition LOI
  • Atomic absorption spectroscopy AAS with flame and graphite furnace device
  • Powder X-ray diffraction XRD with phase identification and quantification in complex mixtures
 Course materials are provided in the online university system (ILIAS)


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