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Island 2010


Leitung: Dr. A. von der Handt, Dr. H. Müller-Sigmund
Dauer: 13 Tage (16.08.2010 - 28.08.2010)


Mid-ocean ridges and hotspots, MORB and OIB petrology and geochemistry, ridge-hotspot interactions, geological evolution of Iceland, MOR rifting and rifting in Iceland, ridge jumps in Iceland, the neovolcanic zone and icelandic basalts, Reykjanes Peninsula, fracture zones in Iceland, the Krafla fires and other spreading events in Iceland, post-glacial evolution of icelandic basalts, acidic rocks in Iceland, low temperature alteration of basalts, volcanoes and eruptions, lava forms, lava - water interactions, lava - ice interactions, pyroclastic deposits, the eruption of Hekla and tephrachronology in Iceland, volcanism and environmental impact - The Laki Fires, hydrothermal fields (Solfatars, fumaroles, geysirs...), renewable energy use in Iceland, glaciation history of Iceland, postglacial history – sea level changes, glacial forms, waterfall types, braided river systems, volcano monitoring and prediction...

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