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Aqueous geochemistry

Master course offered annually in the summer semester (module: Hydrogeology)

The course is devoted to processes of interaction of rocks with water and aqueous fluids near the Earth's surface. It consists of two conceptual blocks: (i) types of water and other fluids in the lithosphere and review of basics of aqueous chemistry; (ii) mineral solubility and controls on water chemistry in near-surface environments and during weathering. This module is recommended to students enrolled in geochemistry, mineralogy, petrology, geochemistry, hydrology, hydrogeology, engineering geology or environmental sciences.

Instructor: Prof. David Dolejš

Course format: 2 hr weekly (60 % lectures, 40 % practical sessions)

Course contents

  • Types and composition of natural waters
  • Speciation in aqueous solutions
  • Acid-base equilibria
  • Buffering, carbonate system
  • Redox equilibria
  • Mineral solubility and transformations, activity-activity diagrams
  • Weathering, surface water chemistry and its mass balance

Course materials are available in the university e-learning system (ILIAS)

Recommended reading

  • Drever J.I. (1997): Geochemistry of Natural Waters (3rd edition). Prentice Hall, 440 p.
  • Langmuir D. (1997): Aqueous environmental geochemistry. Prentice Hall, 600 p.
  • Faure G. (1998): Principles and Applications of Geochemistry (2nd edition). Prentice Hall, 600 p.

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