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Analytical methods 2 (SS2)

This module provides practical and theoretical skills in advanced analytical methods important for geological materials. It is compulsory  for the focus area "Geomaterials and Processes".

It consists of a laboratory part for the hands-on learning of different advanced analytical techniques and a lecture part in "High resolution spectroscopy".

Coordinator/Lecturer: Prof. Dr. David Dolejs (V,P) et al., apl. Prof. Dr. Michael Fiederle (V,P) , technical staff (P)
Course format: 1 hr lecture + 2-4 hrs lab work (Advanced analytical methods), 2 hrs lecture (High resolution spectroscopy)


Advanced analytical techniques:

  • Clay mineralogy, clay mineral separation & identification by X-ray diffraction
  • Cathodoluminescence methods (hot and cold cathode)
  • Fluid inclusions study on heating/freezing stage
  • Reflected light microscopy and application to ore forming minerals and ore mineral parageneses


High-resolution spectroscopy:

  • Tools for the characterization of type and site of atoms as well as their first sphere surroundings (UV-VIS and IR)
  • Surface analysis methods (X-ray Photon Spectroscopy (XPS), Secondary Ion Mass Spectroscopy (SIMS), Auger Spectroscopy (AGS), LEED and RHEED)
  • Analysis of local geometry, the chemical state and coordination spheres of atoms (X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy (XAS), Extended Absorption Fine Structure (EXAFS), and X-ray Absorption Near Edge Structure (XANES), introduction into synchrotron technology).
  • Oxidation state of atoms, e.g. Fe2+/Fe3+ (Mössbauer Spectroscopy)
  • Other high-resolution methods like Raman spectroscopy, STM, AFM, and TEM microscopy

    Course materials are provided in the online university system (ILIAS) or on the Crystallography Department's web-pages


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